Solman provides a set of our own background images, or you can choose to get some stunning background images from Bing.

  • Random Picture-Of-The-Day: This option requires an internet connection.  We use the last eight days of the Bing home page images.  These images are usually quite stunning and makes for an interesting start of the game.  Right click on the image for information about what or where you are looking at.  You'll always start with today's home page image, and on each game you'll get a random selection of the previous seven days or today's image.
  • Random SolMan Selection: This option works well if your not connected to the internet right now, or should Microsoft remove the Bing API in the future.  We have a set of built in images which are the traditional images we have used in older versions of SolMan. You'll get a random image from the selection each time.
  • Fixed SolMan Selection: Maybe you want just one standard boring image from the collection.

If you start a game and the background image is too distracting, just open up settings and pick one of the Fixed SolMan Selections.  You can change it back later.


You can have a random cardback image from the collection each game, or turn this off and select from the list.

Hand Position

The layout of each game is different, but most have a "hand" pile that you interact with the most.  This control allows you to request that the hand be on the left or on the right.  The default is on the right, which works best for right-handed mouse usage.  Turn Hand On Left to the on position to flip the board.


SolMan has some small, mostly muted sounds to enhance the game.  Disable them if you prefer.