Name Napoleon_AtStHelena
Aliases Napoleon, Big Fourty, Cadran, Fourty Theves, Roosevelt at San Juan.
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Napoleon_AtStHelena is THE classic Napoleon varient.

The story reported was that this is the solitaire version Napoleon played while exiled at St. Helena by the Brittish until his death. More recent historians have pointed out that only a vague reference exists to an aid playing this to get the cards unsticky (and possibly to prove that no-one had pilferred a card overnight) so that Napoleon could play his daily game of Wisp. The fourty references in the aliases refer to the fourty cards that are dealt face-up at the beginning of the game.  The Roosevelt name reference may prove be equally inaccurate, but supposedly he enjoyed the game while away from office.

Napoleons distinguish themselves from the more common Canfields and Klondikes by dealing most of the cards face-up, requiring adhearence to suit in the table moves, and only allowing single card movements. One must think differently in these games, with significant planning a requirement.