Aliases: None
Blocked By: Version 5.10 or above, Algerian
Decks: Four


This Cousin based four-deck game is a Solman exclusive extension to Algerian, a game that borrows rules from several different types of games to make a unique effect.

Your goal is to organize the cards by suit from Ace through King on the top foundations, and King down to Ace on the lower ones.  Transfer between foundations is allowed. This is sort of like the Square family games.

Card play is single card movement; it follows must be the cousin suit (same color but not same suit) but must be either one higher or lower, you may change direction and wrap.  This is a twist on Napolean family gamesbut clever table manipulation by reversing your field improves odds significantly.

There are 8 talon piles shown below the hand. Each has 8 cards on the deal. There are 10 table piles shown below the foundations; all have two cards face-up on the deal, except for the last table which only has one.

When you run out of moves, double clicking on the hand will flip one card on top of each talon pile, sort of like a spider. The final time it spiders to the table piles instead.