Game Name:Klondike_1_2
Pct Wins:0.00%
Avg Score:0.00
Avg Moves:0.00
Aliases: Klondyke, Chinaman, Small Triangle, with incorrect references as Canfield, Daemon, and Fascination
Blocked By: None
Decks: One


This game is the original Klondike game per the description in Hoyle and many others.  For many of us, this is the first game we learned as a child because it is the game our parents played (or maybe that it just me). In any case, it makes a good learning game for the basics of the strategy to uncover piles with the most hidden cards, as well as judgement on whether to fill an empty space.

Klondikes, and there are many varieties, are characterized by the triangle deal, where more cards are burred in each successive table piles, and by the red-on-black table play.