SolMan Solitaire includes integration with Cortana.  Here is what that means...

NOTE: Microsoft is deprecating the Cortana interface in favor of a cloud-based machine learning approach. We will not be updating this feature.


The first time you start SolMan Solitaire, it will integrate itself with Cortana, if you have Cortana enabled for voice commands. This will allow you to do two things:

  1. Start SolMan Solitaire and start a new game of the type you last played.
  2. Start SolMan Solitare and play a random game.  A random game is chosen based on your game history.  Which means it will pick one that you haven't won yet, or if you have won them all it will pick a least won game.


To use, say something like:

Hey Cortana, SolMan, start the last game I played.


Hey Cortana, SolMan let's play a new game.

The exact words don't matter, although "last" and "new" are important.  And you can ask Cortana "what can I say".


While in-game, we don't use Cortana right now.  Experminents were not very successful for our users, as they don't tend to only play SolMan when the game is open, and you don't want SolMan making moves based on things you say on your phone.