Game Name:Montana
Pct Wins:73.51%
Avg Score:181.77
Avg Moves:154.68
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Version 5.9 or above
Decks: One


This is a tradition open style packing game. Upon the deal all of the cards are placed face up on the table, organized in four rows with each row containing a random empty space.

Your goal is to organize the cards by suit from Ace through King starting on the left.

You can move a card into an empty space depending on the card to the left of where you want to place it; it must be the same suit and one higher. When the leftmost column is empty, only an Ace may be played there. Nothing can be played to the right of a King.

You may use the button as often as you want, making the game very winnable, but at a high point cost.


If you run out of moves, you can click the button to gather up, shuffle, and place back down all cards that do not make valid complete or incomplete sequences from Ace up on the left of each row.