Game Name:Intelligence
Pct Wins:30.65%
Avg Score:164.69
Avg Moves:88.32
Aliases: None
Blocked By: One of: Fan, LabelleLucie
Decks: Two


Intelligence is a two deck Fan game where the cards are shuffled when re-gathered.

This is my version Intellegence, a Fan game that is double deck.  I altered slightly from that described by Parlett to make it more interesting.  It includes three special rules that make this different from a simply adding a second deck to Labelle Luce. 

  • One rule is that whenever an Ace is dealt to the table it will be moved to the foundation automatically. 
  • The second rule is that 42 cards are left in the hand at the deal.  As the player creates spaces by playing cards to the foundation, when a Shuffle is requested, empty table spaces will be filled with cards from the hand until the hand is empty. 
  • The third rule is that the cards are fully shuffled (not re-stacked) when redealt until the hand is empty. Once the hand is empty they are restacked like in Fan and Labelle Luce. 

This greatly increases chance early on, but requires the player to change strategy mid-game.