Game Name:Russian_2
Pct Wins:18.75%
Avg Score:52.39
Avg Moves:65.88
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Russian
Decks: Two


This game is a challenge of logic, and I think that it plays better than the original single deck version.  All of the cards are dealt out to the table to start the game. The tables have a bit of a Klondyke deal to them, so I placed it in that family.  But, similar to some of the other Klondike variations, the play is more like Napoleon.

Your goal is to organize the cards by suit from Ace through King on the foundations. Any face-up card visible on the table may be moved (along with any cards on top of it) only when it is moved to a table with the most visible card in the same suit and one higher in rank (2 Spades plays on the 3 Spades).  Only a King (and any cards stacked on it) may be moved into an empty space.

There are 12 table piles in this game. In my variation of the classic version, more cards are dealt face-up to improve chance.

The best strategy focuses on uncovering cards that are face-down.