Game Name:ThirteenDown
Pct Wins:5.00%
Avg Score:6.23
Avg Moves:69.18
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Version 5.4 or greater
Decks: One


If a Canfield and a PullUp got together and had a baby, it would be this game. The game is named for the Thirteen cards dealt facedown to a stock.

But while the stock pile might make you think it is another Canfield variation, all card play in this game is by suit, and you may move only one card at a time. Further limiting this game is that empty tableau columns are automatically filled from the stock and may not be filled in any other way.

This game play makes it more of a game of chance than skill, but with cleaver play, especially early on, one can significantly improve the odds of working it out.

Originally found a few places on the internet, the originals did not allow you to rotate the hand. This version allows you to rotate through once, although if you want to stick to the original rules you can quit the game when the hand is exhausted.