Game Name:CurdsAndWhey
Pct Wins:32.52%
Avg Score:-25.62
Avg Moves:35.83
Aliases: None
Blocked By: None
Decks: One


This game with a great name is written from the description by Parlett. As it isn't a member of the spider family, I suppose Miss Muppet kept them at bay.

The unusual rule of this game is that all cards are dealt out to the Tables, and you move cards with two choices of matching.  The two cards must either be of equal rank (regardless of suit) or of the same suit with rank one less.  The curds are the clumps of cards of equal rank that you build up, then break up into the sequential runs that form the whey.  There is no foundation, so form four runs to win.  An easy win once you get the hang of it.