Game Name:Pokeno
Pct Wins:1.97%
Avg Score:145.21
Avg Moves:160.36
Aliases: Pairs Bingo
Blocked By: None
Decks: Two


This game is a SolMan Original and is unlike any other solitaire game that I know of. 

I wanted a pattern game that wasn't the usual 'play-up' style.  My kids had a bingo like board game called Pokeno. The design of this game is based upon it, but modified to work with cards. 

In this game, you remove sets of 4 of the same card.  To be removed, the sets must be in a line in the tables.  Up-down, left-right, or diagonal lines are acceptable.  When assembled, double click on one of the cards (or drag one) to play to the foundation.  Unusually difficult when you first try it, a good player can always win with experience.