Game Name:BritishSquare
Pct Wins:12.26%
Avg Score:251.49
Avg Moves:207.78
Aliases: None
Blocked By: None
Decks: Two


BritishSquare is the classic two foundation game. This game is written from the description by Hoyle. 

The two deck game splits the foundations into two groups.  The ones on the left plays up from Ace to King as you would expect. But the ones on the right play down from King to Ace.

Only one card may be in a table space at a time, and you may only go through the hand one time. So the strategy is in deciding which cards to play to the table in anticipation of soon being able to play to the foundation. 

Key to winning is planning for the time when you build the two foundations of a suit to meet at the same rank.  Then, you can move cards (one at a time) from one foundation to the other to adjust which card(s) can play from the tables to the foundation next.  If you plan well, this allows you to collect up a run of cards in that suit in the tables and clear them out.  This opportunity occurs only once per suit per game.