Aliases: Eight Aces
Blocked By: AceyDucey
Decks: Two


A play-up with an interesting twist. This game is a SolMan variation of a game by the same name I found a few years back. I like this game because the planning works out so differently than similar games.

This version has been modified from the original to give you extra chance to win at the very end. Flip-Flop is of the playup variety of game: play cards into the Tables from the Talon in any order you like, but remember that you may not move cards between piles in the Tables once played. In FlipFlop you must clear off the Talon card by playing it before you may flip the next Hand card. Where Flip-flop becomes unusual is when the Hand becomes empty.

A 'FLIP' button will then appear, and when you have exhausted plays to the Foundation, clicking the FLIP button will flip the most exposed face-up card in each Table pile -- turning it face-down underneath the pile. These face-down cards remain face-down (until the FLOP phase), even if there are no face-up cards in that Table pile because you play them off. Play what you can and click the FLIP button again and again. When all cards have become flipped, you enter the 'FLOP' phase.

In this phase, the top face-down card of each Table pile is turned over each time the button is clicked. In the original rules, you loose as soon as you are unable to play one of these cards, but I let you try further. FlipFlop improves the odds against a bad deal, but only if the player can think-ahead enough about how the order changes in the FLIP and FLOP phases.

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