Game Name:Interregnum
Pct Wins:6.04%
Avg Score:87.91
Avg Moves:49.13
Aliases: Constitution
Blocked By: None
Decks: Two


This game is written from the description by Parlett, although I have alterred the display order for consistency with other games by placing the foundation at the top.  Additionally, as in Bouquet where we have a row of cards that can only be played to the foundation and may not be played upon, we implement what he calls the indicator row as an upper table row.

The game is a spider cross dressed as a play-up. Suit has no meaning in this game.

We start by dealing a row of indicator cards in the upper table.  These cards will be the capper card to complete the foundation pile just above it, and therefore the base card of that foundation pile is the next sequence card.  For example, if the indicator card is an Seven, the base of the foundation above it is Eight. 

The lower table is where cards spider to.  You can only play the exposed cards to the foundation piles, no cross-table moves are allowed. You will probably want to drag and drop the cards to the foundation to ensure they land in the pile you were thinking about, as double-clicking will find the first match starting on the left. When a foundation pile has the 12 cards, you should play the capper on it to complete.