Game Name:Scorpion
Pct Wins:2.04%
Avg Score:-38.43
Avg Moves:20.74
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Any of: SpiderJr, SpiderTwoDeck, SpiderSr
Decks: One


Scorpion is a single deck spider with most of the cards dealt out. It is one of the classic games found in many solitaire books (although subtle differences appear in the rules).  Classically categorized as a spider game, Scorpion plays very differently. 

This original version works with a single deck and deals out almost all the cards, mostly face-up.  This leaves only three cards in the hand to plop down on the first three tableau piles when table play is exhausted.  In addition to that sting, it only allows Kings to be moved into an empty space. 

To make up for this, you can move any unordered sequence to another table pile if the suit matches. A nice alternative when you are working through the spider family, this is more of a planning and packing game!