Game Name:DukeTwoDecks
Pct Wins:8.33%
Avg Score:-31.42
Avg Moves:110.64
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Version 5.4 and up
Decks: Two


This is a Play-Up that requires a bit more skill to work out.

The goal is to fill two foundation piles, each with a complete deck, played up in order without regard to suit. And it is OK if both of the 3 of Spades ends up in one pile. As an advantage for better players, you are allowed to choose the base card to start the foundation yourself, and do so independently in each foundation pile.

Table play allows moving only one card at a time. Unlike the foundation, play to a table pile must follow suit. Any single card can be moved into a space from another table or the talon.

Working out this game requires both a bit of luck and a bit of skill.