Game Name:Frog
Pct Wins:18.42%
Avg Score:163.63
Avg Moves:168.79
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Up
Decks: Two


Stumbling my way around the internet, I noticed this game called Frog.  At first I thought it was a Canfield variant, but it turns out to be a member of the Playup family that happens to use a stock pile. So maybe it is a half-breed!  I can't fathom why it should be called Frog, though. 

I suppose if I had placed the Stock, Hand, and Talon at the bottom of the screen, then the cards would jump vertically towards the top without moving side to side (since you cannot move cards between Table piles).  The addition of the stock in this game adds a challange for the skilled player over Double-Up.