Game Name:Sultan
Pct Wins:47.62%
Avg Score:238.74
Avg Moves:195.57
Aliases: None
Blocked By: Version 5.9 or above
Decks: Two


This is a themed playout game with reserves instead of tableaus. The King of diamonds is placed in the center of the desktop. The remaining kings are placed in foundation piles around it, along with the Ace of diamonds on the last foundation. The six reserve piles each get a random card at the deal also. All of the remaining cards in the double-deck game are in the hand.

Just play cards to the foundation, and when each foundation pile is topped by the Queen, the King will be surrounded by his Queens and the kingdom shall rejoice!

The number of times through the deck is to make the game a little challenging, otherwise you should always win. The real goal is to get the most points in your win!

I found this variation on the Internet.