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This game is a very easy win. It comes from the book by Moyse. The name is supposed to come from the board design, with two posts and a couple of rails. To me it looks more like a fence than a gate, but to each their own.Moyse describes the posts as reserves, but with rules that state that you can only take from the bottom most reserve of the post, and you cannot play any cards to the reserve. This sounds more like two stocks, where all of the cards in the stock are visible, so that is how I set up this game. Play in the rails, that is the eight table piles, runs alternating color, and you may only move a single card at a time. Play all the cards up to the foundation, and I suppose that you have raised the gate!

This game is the easiest of the stock games in the collection. If you don't win you didn't try very hard.

It limits hand play to one card at a time, without rotation back to the hand, but with the added bonus of the top card of the hand also being visible and available to play to the table or foundation.

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