Game Name:Napoleon_TwoHeads
Pct Wins:12.16%
Avg Score:112.72
Avg Moves:120.45
Aliases: None
Blocked By: None
Decks: Two


This game is a Solman original!  After quitting my day job for the life of a golf bum, I wanted to design some games that added to the level of judgement a player could bring to the solitaire table. Having started toying with the idea of player choice in playing from the hand when I designed Glump, I wanted to try a slightly different option.

This game is the basic Napoleon at St. Helena, with the added twist of two Talon piles.  You may play from the hand to either Talon.  For a good player, this provides a very slight improvement in the odds of winning the game. You don't get to see the new card before you choose which talon to cover up, but you can protect an important card that doesn't quite play yet.